A people-centric designer and researcher from the little red dot.

Currently @ Publicis Sapient. Latest update here 😎

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Hello! I am an engineer-turned-designer, powered by people and problems big or small. My superpower is [connect] - connecting ideas, experiences and people. I drive collaboration to meet real user needs, delivering outcomes over output.

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"Having Jodie onboard with us has made our meetings and brainstorming sessions a lot more efficient and productive through the user-centric design thinking framework initiated by her. If anything, she was the catalyst of the team for constantly generating constructive feedback and ideas we could all bounce off from."

β€” Dahlia H., Kent Ridge Labs

"...In all, her knowledge, enthusiasm, and inclination to experiment boldly were seen notably in user experience design.... she skilfully suggested and translated facilitation strategies into Miro boards and ensured that every participant's voice was captured and valued by conscientiously documenting their input. I appreciated that Jodie was quick to ask questions, and even faster to raise recommendations to issues including (but not limited to) learning experience design, learning roadmaps, and competency frameworks."

β€” Christopher C., Civil Service College

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β€œThe evolution from design to design thinking is the evolution from the creation of products to the analysis of the relationship between people and products, and from there to the relationship between people and people.”



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Creative Strategy and the Business of Design by Douglas Davis

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